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  • 800 Australian dollars

Service Description

Includes tables & chairs, access to lift and amenities and divider to 2 rooms. The Corporate Training or Multipurpose Room is located on level 2 at the rear of the grandstand. With the flexibility of being split into two or one large room, this is perfect for any corporate training or community meeting space. Seating available for up to 40 with a flexible table arrangement. Fully equipped with audio visual equipment and tea and coffee urn included. Bond for licensed/higher risk event (includes security and cleaning, refundable if in order): $1000 Bond for Unlicensed / lower risk event: $500 Ask about our not for profit and community organisation discounts of 50%.

Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATION BY THE HIRER The Hirer may cancel its booking by written notice to the Council before the date of intended use stated on the Hire Agreement and prior to any use of the venue. Fees paid for the venue will not be refunded if written notice has not been provided to Council in regards to cancelling the booking 7 days prior to the date of intended use. CANCELLATION BY COUNCIL Council may cancel the booking by written notice to the Hirer before the date of intended use if: The Council becomes aware that any event, goods or services proposed to be held or provided by the Hirer is/are objectionable, dangerous, infringes any copyright or other intellectual property rights, is prohibited by law, or would be detrimental to the Council; The venue is required for Council functions or Municipal, State or Federal Elections; The hire fees and/or Bond have not been paid; Repairs, alteration or additions to the venue are underway; The Hirer has not provided evidence of adequate insurance coverage. The Council may cancel the booking without notice in the event of an emergency or it deemed necessary. If Council cancels the booking without fault of the Hirer, the Council will refund any amounts paid by the Hirer in relation to the booking. The Council will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of exercising its right to cancel the booking under this clause. Cancellation or termination of the booking for whatever reason will not affect any right which the Council may have to recover money owing for the booking or to recover damages from the Hirer.

Contact Details

  • Butler Street, Tully QLD, Australia

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